Black bandana

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Black bandana
Japanese くろずきん
Old localizations Black hood
Found in Dragon Quest III
Buy for 1,200
Sell for 900
Effect None

The black bandana is a piece of headwear that appears exclusively in remake versions of Dragon Quest III. It is a hood made from dark cloth that covers most of the wearer's head of the same kind worn stereotypically by ninjas.


The black bandana has a defence bonus of +16 and can only be worn by Martial Artists and Thieves. It can be purchased in Baharata and Manoza for 1,200 gold and sold for 900 gold. One can be found in Theddon. It is the most protective non-cursed piece of headwear that a male Martial Artist can equip, as their selection of helmets is not very large. Although its flavor text states that it helps wearers hide in the shadows, the hood has no special properties much like the black pyjamas.