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The Galumph is a monster class in the game Dragon Quest VII.


The Galumph is a pudgy flying creature. This class offers sharp boosts to strength and Max HP but moderate drops in other categories and a severe drop in style.

Mastering the class will grant a weak resistance to breath attacks, rock/strike skills, sap, and drain magic. It will also grant a stronger resistance to all other status ailments.


In order to become a Galumph, a character must first master both the Rashaverak and Seasaur classes.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 280
Strength +30%
Agility -10%
Resilience +5%
Wisdom -10%
Style -30%
Max HP +20%
Max MP -10%
Mastery Bonus +20 Bonus to Strength


Level Title
Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Plodder
Nothing 0
2 Lumberer
Focus Strength 21 Self Takes one turn. Next turn, physical attacks do double damage 0
3 Great Lump
Venom Mist 42 One Group Severely poisons one group of enemies. Poisoned enemies lose 1/6th of their remaining HP. 0
4 Hulking Great Thing
Nothing 65
5 Massive Mass
Freezing Blizzard 110 All Enemies Causes ~130 HP in ice damage to all enemies 0
6 Enormous Object
Nothing 153
7 Meat Mountain
Kazap 200 One Group Causes ~200 HP in electric damage to one group of enemies 15
8 Jowly Giant
Scorch/C-c-cold breath 280 All Enemies Causes ~160/210 HP in fire/ice damage to all enemies 0