Sizz Afficionado

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Sizz Afficionado is a talent in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince that teaches monsters abilities themed around light, in several meanings of the word, and imparts minor MP boosts.


Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[edit]

Sizz Afficionado can be learned naturally by Vegandragoras, Spitniks, Garudas, and Luminous lamplings.

Sizz Afficionado
Ability Skill Points Description
Sizz 3 Inflicts minor light-elemental spell damage on all enemies.
Dazzleflash 10 Unleashes a blinding light that lowers the accuracy of enemy attacks for 2 to 5 turns.
Undead Undoer 20 Inflicts heavy slashing damage on monsters in the undead family.
Max. MP +4 30 Raises max. MP by 4.
Magic Pop 50 Uses 14 of remaining MP to inflict light-elemental damage on a single enemy, for a weaker rendition of a more extreme spell. The more MP the monster has at the time of casting, the greater the damage will be.
Ping 70 Greatly increases the wisdom of a single ally for 4 to 7 turns.
Max. MP +8 85 Raises max. MP by 8.
Sizzle 100 Inflicts medium light-elemental spell damage on all enemies.

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