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Slib main image.png
Japanese name スラお
Race Slime

Slib is the starter monster that appears in the first Dragon Quest Monsters game, as well as its manga spin-off.


Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

Slib is found on the farm at the canopy of GreatTree, and is given to Terry as his first monster companion. Being a regular slime he will learn Sizz and Dazzleflash as he levels up normally, but his cap of level 30 and low stats prevent him from learning Magic Burst. Being the first monster available to the player, Slib has 30 HP instead of the normal slime's 6 to compensate for fighting alone for the first few battles.

Dragon Quest Monsters +[edit]

Slib is one of two monsters that remain in GreatTree after Terry's disappearance, enduring the waves of evil that have driven the other monsters wild and caused them to flee the arboreal kingdom. Unfortunately, his time spent away from Terry has caused him to lose much of his strength and forget all of his moves except for the Sizzle spell. Slib and Kleo get off on the wrong foot and quickly get into a fight when the latter dismisses him for being a plain slime, but the two learn to put their differences aside for the sake of GreatTree and become fast friends.

Slib is an incredibly stubborn, short-tempered, and arrogant slime, but his heart is the right place and he will fight to the bitter end to protect his friends when cornered. He has a good working relation with Jr. the small fry, the only other monster to endure the waves of evil, and has an unrequited crush on Lime the she-slime.