Tania (Dragon Quest VI)

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Dragon Quest series character
Dragon Quest VI
Dq6-tania artwork.jpg
Japanese Name ターニア
Race Human

Tania (ターニア) is a NPC in Dragon Quest VI. She's the Hero's 16 year old sister who lives with him in Weaver's Peak.


Warning: Spoilers
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In the Phantom World, Tania is the sister of The Hero. She is also chosen as the Divine Messenger of Weaver's Peak Fortune Festival. During the festival, the mountain spirit speaks through her, and tells The Hero that he must embark on a quest to defeat Murdaw the Dread Fiend. On the day following the festival, she supports her brother's path while telling him to be careful.

Tania also has an admirer in town resident Buddy, who hoped to marry her, though she felt they were too young to wed.

In the real world, her parents passed away while she was young, and she has been living by herself before the events of the game. She discovered the Real World version of The Hero and nursed him back into consciousness, beginning to view him as the older brother she never had, affecting her life in the dream world. She is saddened and confused when the Hero's spirit arrives and merges with his body.

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