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The CharacterSpellList template is used to display a list of spells a character can learn. Each set of calls to this template represents the list of spells for a single character in a single version of a game.



A header call to this template should be the first usage of this template on any page.

{{CharacterSpellList|header|title=Dragon Quest II|subtitle=NES}}
  • header: A required parameter which marks this as the start of a spell list table.
  • title: A required parameter specifying the title of the table. Typically the name of the game.
  • subtitle: An optional parameter specifying a subtitle for the table. Typically the console version of a game when there is more than one.


Each entry call designates a single spell.

  • entry: A required parameter marking an entry.
  • spell: The name of the spell. Should be an interwiki link.
  • level: The level at which the spell is learned. For spells which are learned by a different method than leveling, this parameter should be N/A, and a note should be made in the description outside the table.


A note can be added to the table if additional details are necessary.

{{CharacterSpellList|note|text=This is a note}}
  • note: A required parameter marking the note.
  • text: The text to be displayed as a note.


The footer call marks the end of the spell table.

  • footer: A required parameter marking the template as the footer.



Dragon Quest II (GBC) 
Spell Level Learned
Heal 10
Hocus Pocus 45
Whack 12
Whack 15
Zoom N/A
The Zoom spelled is learned by a special event in the town of Zoomingale.


{{CharacterSpellList|header|title=Dragon Quest II|subtitle=GBC}}
{{CharacterSpellList|entry|spell=[[Hocus Pocus]]|level=45}}
{{CharacterSpellList|note|text=The Zoom spelled is learned by a special event in the town of [[Zoomingale]].}}