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Quest #82 - "To Shell And Back"
Location Swinedimples Academy, room left of entrance on L1.
Availability After completion of quest Quest #81: Mallet's Mallet, with a party member with 100 skill points in Hammers.
Requested by Mrs Mallet
Fulfilled to Mrs Mallet
Reward HardcoreHammering.png'Hardcore Hammering' - Allows a character to use Big Banga while carrying it.
Detail Mrs Mallet from Swinedimples wants to teach you the ultimate hammer ability, but first you'll need to defeat a liquid metal slime with Bagsy Last while wearing a tortoise shell.
Hint for solution
  • Tortoise shells can be purchased from Porth Llaffan for 1,550 gold each. It is highly recommended to have at least two characters or more in the party equipped with tortoise shells that are able to use Bagsy Last.
  • Liquid metal slimes can be found rarely in the Bowhole, on Slime Hill near Angel Falls after acquiring Sterling's whistle, or occasionally from volcano or ruins grottoes.
  • They have 8 HP, so it is recommended to use skills such as Metal Slash or Metalicker to lower their HP enough unless one gets lucky by landing a critical hit with Bagsy Last. After defeating a liquid metal slime with the skill, return to Swinedimples Academy and speak to Mrs Mallet to complete the quest.
Repeatable No.