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Dragonhat is a member of the Dragon Quest Wiki, although he goes by that name on many other sites.

Basic Info[edit]

Dragonhat is an extreme fan of Dragon Quest IX, and has played the game for over 760 hours. This, along with owning the game guide, has given him a working knowledge of much of the game. He is known for farming Seeds of Strength to apply to his Gladiator, Felix. He has acquired 75 seeds so far from farming Trolls near Mt. Ulzuun. Dragonhat is also known for his extreme endorsement of the Über Falcon Blade as the best sword in the game.

Dragonhat's achievements include completing the Defeated Monster and Item lists, as well as successfully defeating Zoma up to level 69 to legitimately obtain the Aliahan Headpiece.

Other Info[edit]

In his spare time, Dragonhat enjoys playing games such as Golden Sun, Cave Story 3D, Mario Kart 7, and Pokémon White. He also enjoys watching The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Monty Python, and Laurel and Hardy films.

As an individual, Dragonhat is notorious for his almost-legendary insistence on technical accuracy, becoming easily annoyed at grammar mistakes and incorrect statements regarding how video games work. However, he insists that he is pushing for a world where people actually know what they are talking about, and will go so far as to point out an incorrectly italicized comma in an essay. When not pointing out the mistakes of others, Dragonhat is also well-known for his seemingly endless supply of sarcastic remarks and esoteric references.