Mt. Ulzuun

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Mt. Ulzuun is a mountain range in Dragon Quest IX located east of Iluugazar Plains.

The west end is connected with Mt. Ulbaruun. The mountain range shapes like a Hindu-arabic number "2", and separated the region into 2 parts, the southern part is accessible from Iluugazar Plains, while the northern part from Mt. Ulbaruun. The northern section has poison puddles the same as those in Doomingale Forest, and similarly, the ruin of a village is located here.

Collectable Resources[edit]

Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Item Location
DQ9 MythrilOre.png Mythril ore South end of north section
DQ9 MankyMud.png Manky mud On an island within the poison puddles of north section
DQ9 FreshWater.png Fresh water West bank of the southern opening
DQ9 Wakerobin.png Wakerobin East side of southern section

Monsters in the Area[edit]

Dragon Quest IX (DS)  
Enemy Gold Exp Drop Item
#117 Brainy badboon 108 G 800 Magic beast hide
Raging ruby
#118 Drackal 150 G 1000 Lambswool
Platinum ore
#119 Gruffon 136 G 540 Wing of bat
Terrible tattoo
#124 Troll 52 G 1500 Oaken club
Seed of strength

Other notable attributes[edit]

   Poison puddle.png    This location contains poisonous marshes/swamps.