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  6. Did you know?

    • Erdrick's Sword is used during an optional boss fight in Final Fantasy XII, and is also the prize for winning that battle.
    • During the release of Dragon Quest IV, Enix held a ceremony attempting to induct the word hoimi into the Japanese language.
    • The MSX version of Dragon Quest II contained a special scene involving the "Dangerous Swimsuit" and the Princess of Moonbrooke.
    • That Borya is the oldest party member in the series, being in his early 70's.
    • Yangus is the strongest party member in the series, reaching a whopping 425 at level 99.
    • Lizzie is the only monster companion to have a full suite of party chat dialogue.
    • Meena is infatuated with caves, dungeons, and underground structures.
    • The Dragonlord's great-great-grandson is the first monster in the series to not attack the player?
    • The Prince of Cannock is often drawn in a coffin or as a weakling in fanart by Japanese fans due to his lackluster statistics and equipment choices in the original Famicom version of Dragon Quest II.
    • Thieves only appear in remake versions of Dragon Quest III.
    • The Princess of Moonbrooke has been depicted with both blonde and pink hair.
    • Healie is the first monster companion in the series.
    • An advertisement for an English translation of the PS1 remake for Dragon Quest IV appears on the back of the instruction manual for Dragon Quest VII, but it was never released.
    • No monster in the series is just called a dragon? Each drake has a descriptive noun in it's name.
    • That Orgodemir is the only final boss in the series immune to Sap?
    • A popular misconception states that the Japanese government has forbidden Square Enix from selling Dragon Quest titles on weekdays to prevent children playing hooky. This was the publisher's own decision after several children skipped school (and adults left work early) to purchase their copy of DQIII.