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Dragon Quest Heroes
DQH Velasco Illustration.png
Japanese name ヘルムード
Romaji Herumūdo
Title The Last and Greatest King of the Children of Night
Class Unknown
Race Unknown
Age Unknown
Voice actor Ainosuke Kataoka (Japanese)
Ramon Tikaram (English)

Velasco is a character and one of the antagonists in Dragon Quest Heroes. He is the one that triggers the events of the game where the peaceful monsters became hostile toward human kind.


Velasco wield a staff and dark outfit. He has red eyes, pale skin, white hairs and black facial hair.




Side Games[edit]

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below[edit]

Velasco is capable of manipulating monsters and making them hostile toward humans. He can also create maelstroms to summon monsters. He uses this power to overwhelm the world with monsters in order to destroy the Children of Light and break the harmony between monsters and humans.

Being one of the Children of Darkness, he can wield the power of the Circle of Darkness. He also managed to control one of the Children of Light in order to gain access to Goddess' shrine.

During the fight with the heroes, he first summons monsters before fighting by himself. He primarily uses magic, such as teleportation and fire manipulation.

He is the last of the Children of Darkness. His goal is to wake up the god of Darkness, Arkan, and restore the world to its previous state where humans and monsters fight each others.

He hides on the Nexus island where he performed its rituals in secret. It is implied that he is linked to the island since it collapsed when Velasco was defeated by Luceus, Aurora and their team of heroes.