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#227 - AU-1000
HP MP Experience Gold
996 0 6800 216
Attack Defense Speed
567 798 124
Dropped Item Gold bar (common, 1/128)
Heavy hatchet (rare, 1/256)
Locations Grotto
Family Machine
Bestiary # 227
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description Reinforced robots that render attack impossible with a blast of blinding light, then slice foes silly.

They secretly scrape shavings off gem slimes to repair their gold plating when it gets patchy.


Au is the symbol used for gold on the periodic table, indicating the monster's golden color. The Japanese name, Gorudo Majingaa/Gold Mazinger, is both a reference to the Überkilling machine's Japanese name (Kirā Mazinga/Killer Mazinger) and in turn the Super Robot Mazinger Z. In Japanese, Mazinger sounds like the English word "Machine" and also Majin, or evil spirit/demon god.


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