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The Fortunetelling mimic, also known as the Lucky lurker, is a recurring monster in the Dragon Quest series, mainly appearing in spinoff games in the series. It is a special variety of Mimic that tells people's fortunes and can give out various prizes.


Fortunetelling mimics, unlike their more traditional treasure chest-shaped cousins, are red wooden boxes with gold borders that open up to reveal a set of sharp fangs, a pair of eyes glowing from the darkness, and a long purple tongue. The front of the box displays the kyūjitai form of the kanji fuku (福), which means "good fortune" or "good luck". The mimic will reward the player based on the luck of their fortune.


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Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

Fortunetelling mimic can be faced in the 1-Year Anniversary and New Year Fortune Quests. Depending on the fortune outcome, the mimic can either summon a Cannibox for "Eventually Lucky", Goodybag for "Moderately Lucky", or Bag o' sweets for "Extra Lucky", then flees immediately, or if the player's fortune is "Mindini Lucky", it will face the player itself. Completing the quest will reward the player with 5,000 Gold, 5 EXP Codex Ls, 5 Skip Tickets, and some Gems. The amount of Gems is based on how lucky the player is, ranging from 100 to 300.


The fortunetelling mimic is based on omikuji, which are random fortunes written on paper slips at Buddhist and Shinto temples in Japan. They can be received by making a small offering and randomly choosing one from a box, hoping that the resulting fortune will be good. Most people will go for omikujis during Hatsumōde, which is the first visit to a Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine visit made during the new year. The best possible result is daikichi ((大吉), meaning great blessing. If a person receives a bad fortune, they can tie it to a tree in hopes that its prediction will not come true.


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