List of bow skills in Dragon Quest IX

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These are the bow skills in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. They can be learned via Armamentalist, Ranger, and Sage vocations.

Conjury Conductor[edit]

Renders an enemy more vulnerable to magic. There is a 50% chance of the effect taking hold, further modified by the enemy's vulnerability to Spooky Aura. Costs 3 MP to use.

Flutter Disaster[edit]

An attack that deals 50% more damage to birds.

Needle Shot[edit]

An attack that has a 13% chance to instantly kill the enemy. Costs 1 MP to use.

Rain of Pain[edit]

Fires four arrows of half strength up to four times at random targets. Costs 4 MP to use.

Hallowed Arrow[edit]

An attack that restores MP. The amount drained from an enemy is 1/8th that of the damage dealt.

Shining Shot[edit]

A Light-element volley that strikes all enemies for 145~155 fixed damage. Requires the 'Archery for the Adept' in the character's inventory to use.

Omnivocational Bowmaster[edit]

Enables the character to use bows with any vocation.