List of fisticuffs skills in Dragon Quest IX

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The following are fisticuffs skills in Dragon Quest IX. Fisticuffs skills can be learned via the Martial Artist, Thief, Gladiator, and Ranger classes.

Stone's Throw[edit]

Hurls small rocks at a single group of enemies, dealing between 10~17 points of soil-type damage.

Wind Sickles[edit]

Group attack that deals extra damage (150%) to elemental foes.

Knuckle Sandwich[edit]

A powerfully focused, bare-fisted strike that deals an extra 50% of damage to a single foe. Costs 2 MP to use.


A rampant, four-strike physical attack that targets random foes. Damage per strike is half that of the character's attack.

Boulder Toss[edit]

Hurls an enormous boulder that damages all enemies for 100~110 soil-type damage. This move will grow in power alongside the user's strength and deftness, capping at 290~320 when the sum of the two stats reaches 500. Costs 8 MP to use.

Miracle Moon[edit]

An all-enemy targeting acrobatic skill that restores HP based on damage dealt, and will deal additional damage depending on the number of enemies present. If used against one enemy, damage will be double; two enemies, 130% damage; 3 enemies, normal damage; 4 enemies, 80% damage; 5 and higher, 66% damage. Costs 16 MP to use, and requires the 'Fearsome Fisticuffing' in a character's inventory to use.

Passive Bonuses[edit]

  • With 30 points into the skill, a character equipped with no weapon will have +4% evasion bonus.