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Lucky devil (ラッキーマン rakkī man?, translated as lucky in the Game Boy Color version of Dragon Quest III) is a personality in the Dragon Quest III remakes, in Dragon Quest X, and in Dragon Quest: Monster Parade.


Main series[edit]

Dragon Quest III remakes[edit]

In the Dragon Quest III remakes, lucky devil is a male-only personality that improves agility and luck growth.

The hero cannot become a lucky devil at the start of the game.

Other male party members have a chance to be a lucky devil when recruited as any class, depending on their stat bonuses.

Class / gender Stat bonuses for lucky devil (chance)
Warrior maleMartial artist maleMage malePriest maleMerchant maleThief male
  • Luck bonus highest, 12+ (45)
Gadabout male
  • Luck bonus highest, 9+ (always)

An existing character becomes a lucky devil temporarily while wearing the hen's tooth accessory.