Mimic with cheese

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Mimics with cheese are what happens when a mimic decides to prey upon hungry travellers instead of sticky-fingered adventurers, having cast off it's normal treasure chest disguise for a fresh cheeseburger of considerable size. One must wonder how it plans to do-in it's victims though, as it lacks the razor teeth of it's cousins.


Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[edit]

Mimic with cheese (バーガーミミック Baga mimikku) DQM3 Logo.png
Icon Family Max HP* Max MP*
Mimic with cheese DQM3 portrait.jpg DQM3 material family icon.png
Material family
1,310 360
Max Attack Max Defence Max Agility Max Wisdom
610 590 450 520
Bestiary No. 526
Rank D Rank
In-game description Masters of disguise, these malicious mimics lure in ravenous travellers with aromas of crispy bacon and melted cheese before pouncing to gobble them whole. At least they die with a smile on their faces
Talents Cheesy Grin (Unique talent)
Guaranteed traits Critical Triumph (Lv.1)
Spongy Skin (Lv.20)
Deadly Touch (Lv.40)
Large-size exclusive traits Tactical Genius (Lv.1)
Desperate Measures (Lv.1)
Ultra Crafty Magic Drainer (Lv.60)
Habitat Download only
Items This monster does not drop items
Synthesis chart This monster cannot be synthesized
Notable synthesis This monster doesn't have any unique combination
Fire Resistance * Water Resistance * Wind Resistance * Earth Resistance *
25% 0% -25% 0%
Explosion Resistance * Ice Resistance * Electricity Resistance * Light Resistance *
50% 50% 50% 0%
Dark Resistance * Debilitation Resistance* Bedazzlement Resistance * Antimagic Resistance *
0% 0% 0% 0%
MP Absorption Resistance * Confusion Resistance * Sleep Resistance * Paralysis Resistance *
0% 50% -25% -25%
Stun Resistance * Poison Resistance *
50% 50%
Instant Death Resistance *

The mimic with cheese is only available in Japan via a promotional deal between the McDonalds corporation and Square Enix, continuing the tradition begun with Stella in 2011 for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional. A guide for obtaining the monster can be found here and the process does work for all versions of the game, but requires a real life, in-person purchase of a McDonalds product in order to work.

Elusive edibles[edit]