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Stilleto is a non-player character in Dragon Quest Swords. Stilleto owns a shop in Avalonia Castletown where the player can play various targeting related games. He has a very campy style personality with a violent streak. This is illustrated by his large muscles and pink helmet.


Stilleto's games are free to play and are the only multiplayer component of Dragon Quest Swords. Note however, that they make use of a single Wii remote between all players as the games are turn-based.

All prizes won can be found in other locations within the game except for the dartboard and the magic armor. While the dartboard is mostly a novelty item, the Magic armor can be beneficial in the early part of the game. However, the liquid metal armor can also be purchased early in the game by simply playing the first level over and over collecting mini medals. This generally limits the usefulness of the Magic armor given the difficulty of winning it.

Slime Crisis[edit]

This game consists of defeating a large number of slime enemies as quickly as possible. The overall completion time determines the rank attained.

Rank Time Reward X Rank ? ?
S Rank ? ?
A Rank ? ?
B Rank ? nothing
C Rank ? nothing

Dart Attack[edit]

This game consists of catching an arrow in each of the different scoring sections of the shield. There are 4 scoring sections and each is given 3 arrows. When an arrow is successfully caught in the scoring section, the game moves to the next section. The highest score is attained by catching the first 4 arrows successfully.

Rank Score Reward
X Rank 300 mini medal
S Rank 280 special medicine
A Rank 220-260 medicinal herb
B Rank 170-200 nothing
C Rank 120-160 nothing
No Rank 0-110 nothing

Aim High[edit]

This game consists of catching several volleys of 3 arrows a piece. Points are awarded based on where each arrow is caught on the shield

Rank Score Reward
X Rank 1000+ yggdrasil leaf
S Rank 750-990 uber life ring/life ring/life ring +1
A Rank 550-740 strong medicine
B Rank 400-540 nothing
C Rank 200-390 nothing
No Rank 0-190 nothing

Shooting Gallery[edit]

This is the longest game which consists of catching a large amount of arrows in rapid succession. In addition, this game has multiple difficulty levels.


Rank Score Reward
X Rank 5000+ yggdrasil dew
S Rank 3800-4990 replenishield powder
A Rank 3000-3790 medicinal herb
B Rank 2200-2990 nothing
C Rank 1400-2190 nothing
No Rank 0-1390 nothing


Rank Score Reward
X Rank 4500+ mini medal
S Rank 3500-4490 yggdrasil dew
A Rank 3000-3490 strong medicine
B Rank 2200-2990 nothing
C Rank 1400-2190 nothing
No Rank 0-1390 nothing


Rank Score Reward
X Rank 6500+ yggdrasil leaf
S Rank 5300-6490 dartboard
A Rank 4000-5290 special medicine
B Rank 2800-3990 nothing
C Rank 2000-2790 nothing
No Rank 0-1990 nothing

Ultra Hard[edit]

Rank Score Reward
X Rank 6000+ yggdrasil leaf
S Rank 5000-5990 magic armor
A Rank 3800-4990 phial of magic water
B Rank 2600-3790 nothing
C Rank 1700-2590 nothing
No Rank 0-1690 nothing


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