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Quest #27 - "Big-Headed Bard"
Location Coffinwell, between the armor and item shop
Availability After visiting Alltrades Abbey.
Requested by Earnest
Fulfilled to The nun in Coffinwell church.
Item Required Technicolour dreamcloth
Reward Elfin charm
Detail A poet in Coffinwell called Earnest wants you to find him a bolt of Technicolour dreamcloth. Once you've found it, he wants you to present it to the nun in the church, along with a love poem he wrote for her.
Hint for solution You'll need to make a Celestial skein using 3 Fresh water and 5 Tangleweb. Then make the Dreamcloth using 1 Brighten rock, 3 Grubby bandages, and the Celestial skein. Give it to the nun, then visit Earnest again.
Repeatable no