Ten Ton Toupee

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Ten ton toupee
Japanese いしのかつら
Old localizations Stone wig
Found in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation
Buy for N/a
Sell for 150 gold
Effect Cursed. Changes wearer's Personality.

The ten ton toupee is an accessory that appears exclusively in remake versions of Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. It increases the wearer's defence, but it is a cursed piece of equipment.


The ten ton toupee has a defence bonus of +15, changes the wearer's Personality to Mule, but is cursed. It can be equipped by any class and can be sold for 150 gold. One can be found in the Pyramid and others can be found randomly while playing Treasures n' Trapdoors. However, in the mobile versions, there is only one available in the game. The wig boasts the highest defence bonus of any accessory in the game. The only detrimental effects of wearing it are forcing the wearer's Personality to change, as well as its inability to be removed normally unless the player visits a church or changes the wearer's vocation.