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BiAttack is a recurring skill that appears only in spinoff games of the Dragon Quest series. It attacks an enemy twice in quick succession in a single turn.


Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

BiAttack attacks twice in one turn, with each hit dealing 75% damage, and costs 3 MP to use. It can be learned naturally by Jamirus, KingLeo, Orochi, Pizzaro, Roboster, Rosevine, and Skeletor as long as they are at Level 19 with 88 Max HP, 98 Attack, and 112 Agility. It eventually evolves into QuadHits.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

BiAttack can now also be learned by Vampirus, Grizzly, Skularach, BoneSlave, Clawster, HoodSquid, Octogon, and Esturk.

Torneko: The Last Hope[edit]

BiAttack appears as a special sword skill that randomly strikes the enemy in front of the user 1~3 times and costs 6 Hunger. It can be learned by several swords and the condition for learning it is by attacking while moving at double speed.

Dragon Quest: Shōnen Yangus to Fushigi no Dungeon[edit]

BiAttack is a special monster skill that can be learned by Hunter mech and Icikiller. Unlike previous versions, each attack has the same strength as a normal attack.

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