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The corpsickle, formerly known as poison zombie, is a monster introduced in Dragon Quest VI and is also a boss in that game.


Corpsickles are similar to the walking corpses, however they wear a different set of clothes made up of dark purple skin, blond hair, a black t-shirt, a mud green tunic and some red pants and wield much more deadly skills. They let loose a vile venomous vapor to envelope foes in poison and lunge at enemies causing poison to seep in through their very fingers. Oddly for the undead, they cast a healing spell that helps cure and hurt the party dishes out; along with high health this makes these corpses hard to bury.


Three Corpsickles are encountered during a special event in Moonmirror Tower in Dragon Quest VI. They mimic the party's movements behind a false mirror, attempting to fool the party into thinking the tower is a dead end. Upon close examination, the Corpsickles give up the facade and attack.


Dragon Quest VI[edit]

HP MP Experience Gold
360 20 280 57
Attack Defense Speed
62 43 25
Dropped Item Seed of life
Locations Moonmirror Tower
Skills Venom Mist
Spells Heal
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

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