Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Encyclopedia Of Monsters

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Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary Encyclopedia Of Monsters (ドラゴンクエスト25thアニバーサリー モンスター大図鑑 ) is an artbook released by Square Enix compiling all the Dragon Quest monsters into one book, by number of appearances over the years. It was released as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations in 2012.


The Encyclopedia contains details for over 1600 monsters in 496 pages, with monsters from all games between the original Dragon Quest and Slime MoriMori 3, the last game released when the book was published. There are official Akira Toriyama illustrations for every monster that has them.

It's cover is full of iconic creatures from the series, and the book comes with a sleeve with slime-shaped holes that mask the illustrations.

Each monster has a brief description or flavor text, a list of their appearances (with images), a short list of related monsters, and an indication of their first appearance.

The book is divided in 4 parts:

  • Surface and dungeon monsters, about 340 pages detailing information about regular monsters. They are listed by number of appearances through the series, and by game. The most recurrent monsters have full pages for their own, while the least ones share page with up to seven other monsters.
  • Strongest monsters, information about bosses throught the games, in about 100 pages. The monsters are ordered by importance.
  • Monster knowledge compendium, 42 pages with trivia on the monsters, by groups and families.
  • Monster index, a list of the monsters that appear in the book, by Japanese name order.

It includes monsters from the following games: