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Hitano is a castle town in Sky World in Dragon Quest Monsters 2. In order to access the castle, Cobi or Tara must bring the Heaven Helmet from the Small Cave, the Heaven Sword from the Cemetery and the Heaven Armor from the Wind Tower. Bringing these items ultimately grants access to the Monster King's Castle.

Item Shop[edit]

Name Price Effect
Bookmark 100 Allows the game to be saved anywhere.
ExitBell 150 Transports your party outside a dungeon.
LogTwig 50 Moves the Magic Door shrine to current location.
LoveWater 75 Restores 60-70 HP.
Potion 300 Restores 20-30 MP.
Repellent 300 Repels monsters.
Sirloin 1500 Reduces ally's wild stat by 100. Makes enemies like you a lot.
Warp Staff 150 Warps you to the Magic Door shrine.
WorldDew 750 Completely heals party.
WorldLeaf 1000 Revives a dead monster.