List of arm alchemy recipes in Dragon Quest IX

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Name Alchemy Ingredients Stats Description Used by
Apprentice's gloves
  • Defence: 8
  • Deftness: 88
Fingerwear that fosters fine movement.
Blessed bindings
  • Defence: 17
  • Magical Might: 10
  • Magical Mending: 10
Cloth wrist coverings once worn by a sage of bygone age.
Diana gauntlets
  • Defence: 26
Moonlight-infused mittens with unparalleled defensive potential.
Enchanted gloves
  • Defence: 12
  • Magical Might: 7
  • Magical Mending: 7
Gloves whose saintly guardianship gives relief against magic attacks.
Erdrick's gauntlets
  • Defence: 25
High-grade gloves once graced by the hands of a legendary hero.
Ethereal gloves
  • Defence: 15
  • Magical Might: 10
  • Magical Mending: 10
Handwear that staves off spell damage with spiritual protection.
Gigasteel gauntlets
  • Defence: 11
Gorgeous gloves made of gigasteel.
Gloomy gloves
  • Deftness: 80
Mysterious mittens that impart mighty resilience to dark magic.
Grandmaster's gloves
  • Defence: 12
  • Deftness: 96
Mystical mitts that nurture nonpareil nimbleness.
Guru's gloves
  • Deftness: 77
  • Magical Might: 10
  • Magical Mending: 10
Mystical mitts made use of by a sage of distant memory.
Heavy gauntlets
  • Defence: 19
Handwear once worn by habitually honest-to-goodness heroes.
Leather gloves
  • Deftness: 16
Handwear made from tanned hide.
Liquid metal slime gloves
  • Defence: 22
Heavenly handwear that harbours the lustre of a liquid metal slime.
Marquess's mittens
  • Deftness: 65
Graceful gloves that guard against Dazzle magic and confusion.
Master's gloves
  • Defence: 10
  • Deftness: 92
Magical mitts that make those who don them deliciously dexterous.
Matador's gloves
  • Deftness: 85
The beloved badge of a bona fide bullfighter.
Metal king slime gloves
  • Defence: 24
High-class handwear harbouring the brilliance of a metal king slime.
Monarch's mittens
  • Deftness: 70
A posh pair that protects against Dazzle magic and confusion.
Murky mittens
  • Deftness: 86
Magical mittens taht drive dark magic away.
Steel gauntlets
  • Defence: 8
Hefty handwear made of hard steel.
Sturdy gauntlets
  • Defence: 16
Handwear sported by some celebrated chevaliers.
Tempestes gauntlets
  • Defence: 28
Stormy gauntlets with unparalleled defensive potential.
Vesta gauntlets
  • Defence: 24
Fiery first protectors with unparalleled defensive potential.