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Lothario (むっつりスケベ muttsuri-sukebe, translated as lewd in the Game Boy Color version of Dragon Quest III) is a personality in the Dragon Quest III remakes, in Dragon Quest X, and in Dragon Quest: Monster Parade.


Main series[edit]

Dragon Quest III remakes[edit]

"Do not attempt to hide your true nature from me… I see the irrepressible flirt within…

You may blush…but you have long suspected the truth…

You have felt your real self lurking beneath the surface…

Though you hide it well, the truth is that your romantic urges are stronger than those of others…

You often find yourself daydreaming about the current object of your affections…

Doodling their name in the margins of your notebook… Seeing their face in the clouds…

And when you do, a secret smile spreads itself across your face…

You sometimes wonder if you might be a little more obsessed with the art of love than those around you…

Well, let me put your mind at rest… You are…

But there is no need to worry… This is an entirely natural and healthy thing…"

—? (iOS / Android)

In the Dragon Quest III remakes, lothario is a male-only personality that improves strength, resilience, and wisdom growth, but reduces agility and luck growth.

At the start of the game, a male hero becomes a lothario by receiving the final test of character in the castle. Before leaving the test, the hero must tell the chancellor a king's orders must be obeyed, and confirm that the orders are set in stone.

Other male party members have a chance to be a lothario when recruited as any class, depending on their stat bonuses.

Class / gender Stat bonuses for lothario (chance)
Warrior male
  • Strength bonus highest, ≤6, resilience bonus second (15)
  • Strength bonus highest, ≤6, wisdom or luck bonus second (16)
  • Resilience bonus highest, 6–9 (17)
Mage malePriest male
  • Resilience bonus highest, 6–10 (18)
Merchant male
  • Resilience bonus highest, 6–9 (17)
Gadabout male
  • Wisdom bonus highest, 6–9 (14)
  • Luck bonus highest, ≤5 (629)
  • Luck bonus highest, 6–8 (211)
  • Resilience bonus highest, 6–10 (16)
Thief male
  • Agility bonus highest, ≤6, resilience bonus second (15)
  • Resilience bonus highest, 6–10 (16)

An existing male character becomes a lothario permanently by reading the Guns'n'Buns book, or temporarily while wearing the gold chain accessory.