Sturdy stick

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Sturdy stick
DQH Sturdy stick.png
Japanese じょうぶな枝
Romaji Jōbu na eda
Old localizations N/a
Found in Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest Heroes
Dragon Quest Heroes II
Effect Used as an ingredient to create items.

The Sturdy stick is a recurring item in the Dragon Quest series. It is a durable and solid piece of lumber that is used as crafting material.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

Sturdy stick is used as an ingredient for crafting weapons and furniture. It can be purchased from a material store for 120 gold each, picked up from sparkly spots, or dropped by certain monsters, including Foebergines and Gigantes.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below[edit]

Sturdy sticks can be dropped by Hammerhoods and Brownies or received from King Flaminio in exchange for 3 mini medals onboard the Stonecloud. It can be sold for 17 gold or used in the quick recipes for the Adamant pendant and Loin-girders in the Alchemy Pot.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End[edit]

Sturdy sticks are used as a material to improve various accessories or can be sold for 17 gold. It can be dropped by Hammerhoods, Magic marionettes, and Treefaces.


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A gnarled and knotty tree branch found in the forest.[1]


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