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I'm still fairly new to Dragon Quest and I'm not scared to admit it, but I'd like to help in any way I can. :)

My Dragon Quest Timeline[edit]

Date Event Notes
9/15/2016 Began Dragon Quest VIII on PS2 Named Hero Edmund.
9/21/2016 Began Dragon Quest on SNES Named Hero Eustace.
10/7/2016 Beat Dragon Quest on SNES

Hero was Level 22.

Game froze at end, so I'll have to re-beat Dragonlord for a completed save... :(

10/8/2016 Began Dragon Quest II on SNES Named Hero Digory.
12/24/2016 Began Dragon Quest IV on Nintendo DS Named Hero Lucy.
3/1/2017 Beat Dragon Quest IV on Nintendo DS Hero was Level 37.

Ragnar McRyan was Level 36.

Alena was Level 40.

Kiryl was Level 37.

Borya was Level 35.

Torneko Taloon was Level 37.

Maya Mahabala was Level 35.

Meena Mahabala was Level 38.

Time spent was 56 hours and 20 minutes.

Monsters defeated were 3118.

4/20/2017 Began Dragon Quest V on Nintendo DS Named Hero Emeth.
1/29/2018 Beat Dragon Quest V on Nintendo DS Hero was Level 42.

Son (named Rilian) was Level 41.

Daughter (named Susan) was Level 41.

Bianca was Level 34.

Sancho was Level 42.

Tuppence was Level 39.

Golem (named Mason) was Level 31.

Smally fry (named Newton) was Level 30.

Time spent was 81 hours and 8 minutes.

2/10/2018 Began Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch Named Builder Pippin.