Valhalla vulture

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Valhalla vultures are a member of the Bird family introduced in Dragon Quest Treasures.


This strong hunter can be spotted soaring over cold snowfields. With it's sharp and powerful claws it can grip even the most hardened of icy cliff faces to nest.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Valhalla vulture Dragon Quest Treasures Logo.png
Portrait Forte Treasure Capacity Safekeeping Score
Valhalla vulture DQTR portrait.jpg DQTR Glide Forte Icon.png 3 90%
Bestiary no. #46
Family Bird
Trivia Hunters that preen a most feathery quiff
They prefer their food frozen—it's better when stiff
Their talons are sharp and can grip icy cliffs
Favorite foods Mignon magique icon.pngMignon Magique Magnifique icon.pngShielding smoothie DQTR icon.pngSuperior shielding smoothie DQTR icon.png
Habitats The Hinterquarters
The Snarl
Item(s) dropped Princely powder dqtr icon.pngFree-range eggs
Starting HP Starting MP Starting Strength
50 10 23
Starting Defence Starting Deftness Starting magic
10 14 12
Max HP Max MP Max Strength
647 400 410
Max Defence Max Deftness Max magic
327 475 383
Potential abilities *
First Second Third
C-c-cold Breath In a Flap Kafizzle
Fourth Fifth Sixth
Kaswoosh Mercurial Claws Whirlwing
Dragon Attack
Name Target(s) Element
Spin Cyclone Area Wind
First Second
Clown Restless Heart
Third Fourth
Slippery Devil Sorcereverb
Strange Skin
Fire Resistance * Water
Wind Resistance * Earth Resistance *
Weak Quite strong Very strong Quite strong
Explosion Resistance * Ice Resistance * Electricity Resistance * Gravity Resistance *
Weak Very strong Weak Normal
Light Resistance * Dark Resistance * Slash Resistance Impact Resistance
Normal Normal Normal Normal
Piercing Resistance Sleep Resistance Stun Resistance Poison Resistance
Weak Quite strong Quite strong Normal
Debilitation Resistance *

Birds of a feather[edit]