Well wisher (vocation)

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The Well wisher is a monster class available in the game Dragon Quest VII.


The Well wisher is a lumpy demon that lives in a well. The class offers moderate increase in power categories and sharp decrease in magic categories. At rank 8 it grants a weak resistance to Sap, Drain Magic, and rock-based skills, and a strong resistance to Crack, Woosh, Ice breath, and all other status afflictions.


The Well Wisher can be obtained by mastering the Berserker and Rockbomb classes. The Well wisher heart can be won in the Lucky Panel game in the Casino. Finally, it can obtained in battle against the species near the Great Lighthouse in the Buccanham region in the past.

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 175
Strength +10%
Agility +10%
Resilience +10%
Wisdom -30%
Style -30%
Max HP +10%
Max MP -20%
Mastery Bonus +10 Bonus to Resilience
  • Being a boogieman of sorts, players can startle foes when they become Well wishers, wit the success claculated as rank 1 = 0/256, 2 = 0/256, 3 = 0/256, 4 = 0/256, 5 = 1/64, 6 = 1/64, 7 = 1/32, 8 = 25/256.


Level Title
Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Dry Well
Stone's Throw 1 One Group Throws stones at a group of enemies, hits for 20~35 damage 0
2 Old Well
War Cry 19 All Enemies Has a chance of startling enemies, preventing them from acting the next turn 0
3 Dirty Well
Underpants Dance 41 One Group Causes one group of enemies to laugh, preventing them from acting the next turn 0
4 Haunted Well
Cop Out 63 Self Reflects physical damage to another character 0
5 Wellspring
Shove 93 One Enemy Removes one enemy from battle (Works like Poof) 0
6 All's Well
Nothing 123
7 Magic Well
Wind Sickles 150 One Enemy A wind based attack that grows stronger the higher level gained 0
8 Wonder Well
Magma Blast 175 All Enemies Causes ~115 HP in flame damage 0