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Uptaten Towers (Lenoire Castle in the original Japanese version and Castle Lenule in the PS2 version) is a spooky tower dungeon in Dragon Quest V. Located due north of Roundbeck, it is visited by the Hero and Bianca during the first era of the game, and is said to be haunted.


In order to convince some kids to stop tormenting a sabercat cub in Roundbeck, Bianca drags the hero off to banish the ghosts. The doors are initially rusted shut and the two can't open them, so they infiltrate through a backdoor on one of the towers. After crawling past several ghosts lit by flashes of lightning, they encounter the ghost of the Count who once lived here, explaining that everyone was once slain by forces of Nadiria long ago, and their spirits are being tormented by bored undead that have taken residence. He instructs them to obtain a torch from the kitchen in order to navigate through the dark hall to the ringleader, and opens the barred doors.

After retrieving the torch, the two confront the Haunted Housekeeper, however he opens a trap door that sends them to a cooking pot in the kitchen. After fending off some wax murderers, they make their way back to the Housekeeper, who has moved to the balcony. After a tense battle, he surrenders, and vows not to trouble anyone else as they've been disowned by Nadiria. With the spirits free of torment, the Count & Countess thank them, leaving a Gold Orb as a parting gift, though the significance of this orb is not revealed until much later.

It is implied that it was their possession of the Gold Orb that invoked the forces of Nadiria to attack, as it could be used to revive Zenithia.


Dragon Quest V (DS)
Item Location
Silver teacup Storage cellar
Silver teapot Treasure chest (fall through hole in darkened room
Silver tea tray Master bedroom
Torch Kitchen (check pots)


Nearby monsters[edit]

Generation I[edit]

Generation III[edit]


  • If you are defeated in the dungeon, Bianca will bring the hero back to Roundbeck to rest for the night.
  • You can sleep at an inn in the castle that is run by a fire spirit, however upon waking up you will be outside by an old man at a fire, much to Bianca's confusion.
  • In the hall of statues, one of them has an odd glint If you examine it, will start tracking you; examine it again and a battle starts with the living statue. It can be tough to fight, but gives a lot of EXP upon defeat.
  • Upon collecting all three silver tea set pieces, it is automatically assembled into Toff's tea set.
  • Once the main story event here is completed, the mansion no longer has any random encounters. All enemies in this dungeon can later be encountered outside Porgie's Estate in generation 3; only then can a wax murderer or ghost be recruited.
  • In the SNES version, if you visited here in later generations, there is a couple that might commit suicide, this was removed from the remakes.


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