Demon Swordsman

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The Demon Swordsman (魔剣士, Makenshi, lit. Demon Swordsman/Fencer) is a vocation added to Dragon Quest X in the Version 5.4 update. It is an offensive vocation that empowers themselves with darkness in battle to unleash strong attacks on foes.


The design of the vocation is based on the humanoid form of Psaro that debuted in the Sony PlayStation remake of Dragon Quest IV, wearing black and red clothing with bone armour and wielding heavy weapons in battle, along with powers of darkness. The title Makenshi has also been used in some games in order to differentiate the humanoid version of Psaro from his green demonic form.

Dragon Quest XEdit

The Demon Swordsman's unique gimmick is their Wave Gauge meter, which fills up as they deal damage. At the beginning of battle, it starts out halfway filled and a total of 12,500 damage must be dealt in order to completely fill it. When the gauge fills, the Demon Swordsman is able to empower themselves with Dark Veil, which grants a damage boost and reduces damage taken from enemies. Some abilities are only usable after activating the Dark Veil. They are also capable of using Disruptive Wave in order to nullify buffs and stat changes on enemies.

Unlocking the vocation requires the completion of a sidequest and, like all vocations introduced after Version 4.0, they start out at level 50. Demon Swordsmen are capable of equipping one-handed Swords, Greatswords, Knives, and Scythes. They can equip heavy armour and greatshields.


Name Level MP Description
Zam 50 4 Strikes a single enemy with the power of darkness.
Evac 52 3 Exit instantly from dungeons, caves, and towers.
Whack 55 5 A cursed incantation that sends an enemy to the hereafter.
Zammle 59 7 Smites a single enemy with the power of darkness.
Kazam 64 14 Smashes a single enemy with the power of darkness.
Oomph 69 4 Increases the attack of a single party member by two stages.

Dragon Quest WalkEdit

Demon Swordsmen were added to commemorate the game's 3.5 year anniversary on March 10th, 2023, being the fifth special vocation. A character must have first reached level 70 or higher as a Gladiator and an Armamentalist in order to become a Demon Swordsman. A banner was also held from March 10th, 2023 to April 11th, 2023 with special equipment that allows players to look like Psaro in his Demon Swordsman form.

Their weapons of choice include one-handed Swords, Greatswords, Wands, and Whips. The Demon Swordsman's unique walker skill, Hero Summon, allows them to summon a special helper who can participate in Mega Monster battles and Shrines at Patty's Party Planning Place for a 10 minute duration.

Inherent Trait Effects
Sword and Demon Union At the start of the turn, rarely adds Magical Might to Attack (adds Attack to Magical Might when casting an offensive spell).
Force Charge Increases the same attribute damage as the skill used when attacking by 1 to 2 stages. One attribute damage increases up to six stages, but becomes more difficult to increase further depending on the stage.
Cause and Effect Increases skill damage dealt by 1 to 2 stages when taking damage. Damage increases up to six stages, but becomes more difficult to increase further depending on the stage.