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#308 - Envoy
HP MP Experience Gold
1390 255 740 920
Attack Defense Speed
101 81 113
Locations Hubble
Skills Acts twice per turn
Spells Frizzle
Family Humanoid
Bestiary # 308
Game Dragon Quest VII
Console PSX

The Envoy (formerly ZoeMage) is a boss in the game Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past.


The Envoy is a humanoid enemy. It wears a black and white robe with a bat insignia on the front, with a red cape and green gloves. As one might expect from the name, the Envoy is a magic user.


The Envoy can act twice in one turn. On its first turn, it casts Bounce, preventing the use of offensive magic as it gets reflected. It can cast powerful spells like Frizzle and Kaswoosh and put your party to sleep with Kasnooze. Having armor that reduces the power of magic spells can really help in this fight. If the player has access to Magic Barrier, it must be used, as it will lessen the damage of spells. Otherwise, use skills like Sword Dance and Multifists.

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