Goodybag (Vocation)

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The GoodyBag is a beginner monster class available in Dragon Quest VII.


The Goodybag is a monster that looks like a full bag of treasures. The GoodyBag gives an increase in agility and resilience but a sharp drop in strength and max HP. The GoodyBag may distract the enemy in battle, as detailed below. At rank 8, the sack of gems grants a weak resistance (30%) to all elements, and a strong resistance (60%) to all ailments save for Sap.

Monster Heart[edit]

The player can find a GoodyBag heart by fighting GoodyBags in the Halfling's Cave in Coastal in the past.

Dragon Quest VII[edit]

Stat Changes[edit]

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 160
Strength -20%
Agility +20%
Resilience +10%
Wisdom +10%
Style +5%
Max HP -10%
Max MP Null
  • Being full of precious gems, the bag has a chance to momentarily stun a foe, with the success calculated as rank 1 = 0/256, 2 = 0/256, 3 = 1/32, 4 = 1/32, 5 = 1/32, 6 = 1/32, 7 = 1/32, 8 = 1/16.


Level Title Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Bin Bag Nothing 0
2 Bag of Beads Sultry Dance 12 One Enemy May cause one enemy to dance, preventing them from acting on that turn 0
3 Bag of Amber Nothing 20
4 Bag of Jade Dazzleflash 45 All Enemies Causes all enemies to miss more often 0
5 Bag of Opal Nothing 72
6 Bag of Emeralds Fuddle 100 One Group May Cause confusion in one group of enemies 5
7 Bag of Sapphires Nothing 130
8 Bag of Diamonds Whack 160 One Enemy May instantly kill one enemy if successful 4