List of bow alchemy recipes in Dragon Quest IX

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Name Alchemy Ingredients Stats Description Used by
Aeon's bow
  • Attack: 166
A blistering bow made by bolstering the archangel's bow.
Angel's bow
  • Attack: 142
A bor brimming with the holy power of heavenly messengers.
Archangel's bow
  • Attack: 154
A breathtaking bow made by bolstering the angel's bow.
Billowing bow
  • Attack: 88
A bow imbued with the power of a whirlwind.
Blinding bow
  • Attack: 120
An enhanced edition of the purblind bow.
Blowy bow
  • Attack: 77
A bow imbued with the power of the wind.
Blustery bow
  • Attack: 101
A bow imbued with the power of a tempest.
Hotshot bow
  • Attack: 82
A hunter's handbow that finds even faraway flying prey.
Hunter's bow
  • Attack: 57
A strong bow that deals a strong blow and is well-loved by warriors.
  • Attack: 40
A big bow that's a bit more of a chore to draw.
Odin's bow
  • Attack: 130
A bow among bows that boasts fantastic firepower.
Oh-no bow
  • Attack: 130
A baleful bow that, though pretty powerful, is cripplingly cursed.
Purblind bow
  • Attack: 110
A bewitched bow of brutal power.