Thalian staff

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Thalian staff
DQIV Thalian staff.png
Japanese ほほえみのつえ
Romaji Hohoemi no tsue
Old localizations Staff of jubilation
Staff of smiles
Found in Dragon Quest IV
Dragon Quest Tact
Effect When used as a tool in battle, has a chance to make the enemy smile, causing them to skip a single turn. (IV only)

The Thalian staff is a recurring weapon in the Dragon Quest series, first appearing in Dragon Quest IV. It is a peculiar wand that features an image of a peaceful goddess.


Dragon Quest IV[edit]

The Thalian staff has an attack bonus of +33. It can only be equipped by Borya, Kiryl, Maya, and Meena. If used as a tool in battle, it has a 18 chance to make the enemy smile, causing them to lose their turn. In the NES version, attacking an enemy with the staff causes them to smile affectionately, but does nothing else.

It can be purchased in the Casino at the Immigrant Town for 3,000 tokens (1,000 tokens at the Endor casino in the NES version). One can be obtained in the Doorway to Nadiria. The staff can also be dropped by Sasquashes. If Torneko appraises the staff, he will suddenly burst into a fit of laughter, stating that it "just makes me want to laugh."

Can also be used as a tool during battle.[1]

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

The Thalian staff appears as an A-rank wand as part of the Dragon Quest IV event that can be received as a reward for completing Chapter 3, Episode 4 of the event quests at any difficulty or by completing the sixth stage of Rashaverak's Battle Road, as well as being purchasable from the event Swap Shop. It has a WIS bonus of +22, increases the recovery of healing spells by 4%, and has three slots for Alchemy Effects.


In the English version of the games, the staff is named after Thalia, one of the three Graces in Greek mythology and the goddess of festivity and rich banquets. She is often associated with the love goddess Aphrodite as part of her retinue. The name Thalia (Θάλεια) means "the joyous, the abundance" in Ancient Greek.



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