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The Bloodcreeper has a devlish and demonic demeanour with large purple wings and dark green skin, along with a massive maw that he is using to sip dew when discovered in the Lucid Grotto.

In battle he whips his barbed tail to wrack up damage and blinds all foes with a dazzling flash, making them ditch a turn in order to see straight. The hellion's also armed with sap to drop defences and a meaty munch from his massive maw that does damage. He can even Buff his defence up to help defend against attacks.

HP MP Experience Gold
370 18 260 370
Attack Defense Speed
53 50 52
Dropped Item Seed of resilience
Locations Lucid Grotto
Skills Dazzleflash
Spells Buff
Game Dragon Quest VI
Console DS

Bloodcreeper DQVI SNES.gif File:Bloodcreeper DQVI DS.png

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