Crimson claws

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Crimson claws
Crimson claws art.png
Japanese 古武道のツメ
Romaji Kobudō no tsume
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest Tact
Effect Inflicts bonus damage to elementals. (X and XI)

The Crimson claws are a set of blood red talons that are designed to have an easier time cutting through members of the Elemental family.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

The crimson claws have an attack bonus of +32, a style bonus of +10, increase the wielder's weight by 11, and increases the wielder's critical hit chance by 1.2%. They have an equipment level of 50 and deal an extra 10% damage against elemental family monsters.

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age[edit]

Crimson claws DQXI Logo EN.png
Crimson claws xi icon.png
Talons that excel against elemental enemies, and can dish out plenty of critical hits
Stats with forge buffs
Attack +54/56/58/60
Critical Hit chance +5%/6%/7%/8%
+10% damage to elementals
Dropped by Sootbonce & Smogbonnet at 1256
Dropped by malicious counterparts at 1128
Price Location
N/A / 5,000 Gallopolis silver cup, difficult course
Forging difficulty
Jade sprite walk.gifRab sprite walk.gif

Dragon Quest Rivals[edit]

Dragon Quest Tact[edit]

The crimson claws appear as A-rank claws as part of the limited Dragon Quest XI event that can be received as a reward for completing Chapter 2, Episode 2 of the event quests entitled Jade or purchased from the event Swap Shop. It has an ATK bonus of +11, an AGL bonus of +17, and increases physical potency by 2%. It has three slots for Alchemy Effects. One of the potential effects is increasing the potency of Jade's Pink Tornado as well as the potency or charm success rate of her Pink Typhoon.