Elegia's descendants

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Elegia's descendants
Dragon Quest Tact
DQT Bird man.png
Race Unknown
Family Claria
Unnamed ancestor (Deceased)

The descendants of Elegia is a tribe of bird-people from Dragon Quest Tact that lives in the land of Woodwin.

All the members of this race resemble Elegia physically. Their torso is quite human-like but covered in feathers, their hands resemble talons and their legs, also covered in feathers, are digitigrade legs. On males, the only part not covered in feathers in seems to be the chest, while on females, the inner thighs do not have feathers either. They have slim tails that end in a tuft of light-colored hair, and a pair of large wings. Their wings usually degrade from their prominent feather color to white. Their head is very human like but has some peculiarities: there are feathers on the cheeks, the irises tend to be bright-colored, and the hair is mostly of one prominent color with strands of a secondary color. Claria for instance has red hair with blond strands.

The members of this tribe usually wear golden rings around their arms, legs and tail, and some pieces of fabric cover their loin area. They also tend to wear accessories on their necks.

They actually descend of Elegia's brother since she didn't have descendants of her own, however they consider themselves to be her descendants due to her heroic deeds in the time of the Five Fiends.