Slumbering ram

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Slumbering ram is a monster that appears in Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation as a pallette swap of the Silencing ram (which they are stronger than) and the Damned ram (which they are weaker than).

Their name comes from the fact they use the Snooze and Kasnooze spells.


These hefty horned rams have a thick brown hide and a horrendously angry attitude. Their curled horns hack away at enemies as they headbutt and they're capable of casting the chaos causing spell, Kasnooze, sending all foes into a full on slumber.


Dragon Quest VI[edit]

#63 - Slumbering Ram
HP MP Experience Gold
104 13 102 36
Attack Defense Speed
95 78 47
Dropped Item Moonwort bulb
Locations Murdaw's Keep
Hazy Heights
Houses North of Arkbolt
Hallowed Hollow
Bestiary # 63
Game Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
Console DS

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