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Quest #39 - "Follow That Fish!"
Location Porth Llaffan, Jona's House
Availability After finishing the main story.
Requested by Jona Jones
Fulfilled to Jona Jones
Item Required *Flowing dress
  • Watermaul wand
  • Silver shield
Reward DQ9 SterlingsWhistle.pngSterling's whistle, which allows the party to call upon the Starflight Express on the world map.
Detail Jona Jones from Porth Llaffan thinks she might have seen the real Lleviathan, and has asked you to find a way of summoning the great sea-beast. It seems there was once a woman known as Lleviathan's serenader in the village...
Hint for solution The serenader woman's ghost can be talked to on the beach in Porth Llaffan at night. She instructs you to get the following equipment:

After getting all the pieces of equipment, go to Cuddiedig Cliff to meet up with Jona, and Lleviathan will appear.

Repeatable No.