Domus Isle

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Domus Isle is one of the seven islands in the Green Bays archipelago in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker. Domus Isle acts more or less as a big "hub", and a place to obtain new items, scrolls, monsters and weapons. It is a Danger Rank Zero island and the second location discovered in the game, after a brief time at CELL Headquarters. While there are various monsters to be found here, none of them (excluding tournaments) will attack or battle the player. Additionally, it is here that the Monster Scout Organization headquarters, first led by Dr. Snap and later Solitaire, can be found. Estark can eventually be battled here, also.

Being centrally located, Domus Isle contains four jetties which the player can use (once unlocked) to access Infant Isle, Xeroph Isle, Palaish Isle and Infern Isle via sea scooter routes. The remaining isles (excluding uncharted ones) cannot be reached from here.

Points of Interest[edit]

  • Mess Hall - Near the two jetties leading to Infant and Palaish Isles is the Mess Hall, where the player can talk to other scouts and a humorous waiter.
  • Department Store - "Backpackers" sells helpful items, "Lethal Weapons" sells weapons, and "Skillful Scribblings" trades one ability scroll per two monsters. Upstairs is the Monster Matchmaking Service which offers one of the two monsters needed to synthesize a new one. The player must have the other one.
  • Scoutpost - Near the two jetties leading to Xeroph and Infern Isles, is the Scoutpost, where the player can do a number of things (rest, save the game, use the bank or vending machine, synthesize monters, change the party, make friends with other scouts, read the bulletin board).
  • Lodging House - Dr Snap's rival, Igor Folds, lives in a downstairs apartment here. He always claims to be on the verge of a great discovery.
  • Monster Scout Organization - The MSO headquarters and Baden's Belfry, a tall bell tower, are located here. The player must go to the Belfry once ten pieces of Darkonium have been collected.
  • The Sewer - The area below the city opens up late in the game, where free monsters can sometimes be obtained. There is also a black market dealer down here who carries extremely powerful weapons, and a young lady who will sell the player a metal ticket for 10,000 G. This ticket gives free access to the Metal Menagerie on Palaish Isle without having to first meet Madame Rummy's prerequisite. A mysterious locked door far in the back of the sewer reportedly keeps Dr Snap's laboratory safe from prying eyes. Solitaire holds the key.