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Rendarak (previously localized as Rhone) is a high, snowy plateau found in Dragon Quest II


Rendarak is the final destination of the Prince of Midenhall, Prince of Cannock, and Princess of Moonbrooke in their quest to restore peace to the world after their travel through the Cave to Rendarak as there's no other way here the first time.

North of the cave exit is the Shrine of Rendarak where the Prince of Midenhall and his party can get healed up by the priest, as well as saving their progress. The shrine also serves as a possible return point, so that the group won't need to travel through the cave again.

West of the Shrine is where the sorcerer Hargon resides in his castle.

Monsters in the area[edit]

(Nearby Cave to Rendarak)[edit]

(Nearby Shrine of Rendarak & Hargon's Castle)[edit]

(Nearby north of the river of Hargon's Castle)[edit]


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