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Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (シアトリズムドラゴンクエスト, Shiatorizumu Doragon Kuesuto) is a rhythm game developed by indieszero and published by Square Enix on March 26, 2015. It is the first music game based on the {Dragon Quest series and the third in the Theatrhythm series, following Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call.

Over 60 songs from the first ten games in the main series composed by Kōichi Sugiyama were featured in the game, as well as various characters and monsters from throughout the series' history. Five free additional music packs were released as downloadable content over a period of time after the release of the game.


Similar to the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games, the gameplay is divided into three types of stages: Battle Music Sequence [BMS], Field Music Sequence [FMS], and Event Music Sequence [EMS].

  • Battle Music Sequence allows the player to control up to four characters as they defeat monsters one after another. Boss monsters will appear when you defeat the monsters on that stage.
  • Event Music Sequence plays against the background of famous scenes from each title.
  • Field Music Sequence features a character strolling through background scenery.

In Challenge Mode, the game's first basic mode to play, the player can do the "Liberation Challenge", which increases the number of songs you can play when you clear it. If the player achieves the "Mission Clear Goal" for each stage, they can move onto the next stage. There is also a music player and the Sugoroku Place, which unlocks more playable characters. Characters gain experience for clearing each stage and level up, increasing their attributes and unlocking new skills and spells. Each character can be customized in the Adventurer's Tavern. There is also a Alltrades Abbey in the Adventurer's Tavern, which allows characters to change their Vocation.

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