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DQH Wrecklace.png
Japanese ちからのペンダント
Romaji Chikara no pendanto
Old localizations N/a
Found in Dragon Quest X
Dragon Quest Heroes
Dragon Quest Heroes II
Dragon Quest of the Stars
Dragon Quest Walk
Effect Increases the wearer's Attack.
Increases damage inflicted by the wearer's Coups de Grâce. (Heroes series only)

The Wrecklace is a recurring accessory in the Dragon Quest series. It increases the wearer's attack power.


Dragon Quest X[edit]

The wrecklace has an attack bonus of +5 and a style bonus of +3. With accessory synthesis, the attack bonus can be increased and it can gain a small boost to max HP, as well.

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below[edit]

DQH Wrecklace.png  Wrecklace
Coup de Grâce Damage +7.0%
Quick Recipe Iron ore x3 + Fisticup x2*
Classic Recipe Iron ore x2 + Finessence*
Luxury Recipe Iron ore + Gold chain*
Equipable by All Characters
Buy Price N/a
Sell Price 300
Flavor text A potent pendant that dials up the damage of coups de grâce.

The quick recipe for the wrecklace can be received from King Flaminio in exchange for 2 mini medals onboard the Stonecloud, while the classic and luxury recipes can be dropped by Hunter mechs and Killing machines. The wrecklace can be used in the luxury recipe for the raging ruby.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: Twin Kings and the Prophecy's End[edit]

The wrecklace increases damage caused by the wearer's Coup de Grâce by 10%, reaching to a total of 25% when it is fully upgraded. It will also give the wearer a +7 bonus to attack and a +9 bonus to Deftness, as well. The wrecklace can be received by exchanging 5 mini medals one time or it can be dropped by Brownies and Dancing flames.

Dragon Quest of the Stars[edit]

The wrecklace is a 4★ accessory that gives a boost to the wearer's attack and max HP.

Dragon Quest Walk[edit]

The wrecklace is a 2★ accessory that increases the wearer's Strength by 7. It can be dropped by mega monster versions of Trolls.


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A potent pendant that dials up the damage of coups de grâce.[1]

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