List of leg alchemy recipes in Dragon Quest IX

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Name Alchemy Ingredients Stats Description Used by
Blessed bottoms
  • Defence: 14
  • Magical Might: 18
Enchanted chinos that make more of the wearer's magical might.

'Casualwear with Fashionable Flair'

Found in bookcase in Coffinwell Mayor's house
Boomer briefs
  • Defence: 8
  • Magical Might: 4
  • Magical Mending: 4
Pants that put the 't' in 'testosterone'.
Chainmail socks
  • Defence: 17
Chunky chainmail legwear.
Dragon trousers
  • Defence: 16
Martial artist's attire that impedes attacks of fire and ice.
Eternity trousers
  • Defence: 27
  • Magical Might: 12
  • Magical Mending: 12
Steady slacks that withstand paralysis, sleep and death spells.
Fancy pants
  • Defence: 15
Loud legwear that helps hold off sleep and enchantment attacks.
Gigasteel kneecaps
  • Defence: 16
Gigasteel supplementary wear that prevents knocks to the knees.
Green tights
  • Defence: 13
Leaf-green legwear that deflects death magic, poison and paralysis.
Hot bikini bottoms
  • Defence: 10
Waterwear that works well against fire and lightning attacks.
Immortal trousers
  • Defence: 24
  • Magical Might: 10
  • Magical Mending: 10
Steady slacks that stand up to sleep magic and death spells.
Impregnable leggings
  • Defence: 22
Magical Legwear that disrupts attempts to lower defence.
Invincible trousers
  • Defence: 21
  • Magical Might: 8
  • Magical Mending: 8
Steady slacks that staunchly withstand death spells.
Leather kilt
  • Defence: 5
A loincloth made from bits of bashed-together beast hide.
Red tights
  • Defence: 13
Scarlet stockings that stave off fire- and ice-based attacks.
Sizzling bikini bottoms
  • Defence: 19
Bold bathing gear that bravely beats back fire and lightning attacks.
Steel kneecaps
  • Defence: 12
Steel supplementary wear that prevents knocks to the knees.
Tantric trousers
  • Defence: 19
  • Magical Might: 10
  • Magical Mending: 10
Magic-boosting slacks worn by the sages of bygone ages.
Tracky bottoms
  • Defence: 9
A loose garment made for more advanced martial arts training.
Transparent tights
  • Defence: 18
Strange see-through stockings.
Tussler's trousers
  • Defence: 13
Made for martial artists to test their mettle in mortal combat.
White tights
  • Defence: 13
Silvery stockings that slightly stave off ice and wind attacks.
Wonder pants
  • Defence: 12
  • Magical Might: 8
  • Magical Mending: 8
Pants that really put the 't' in 'testosterone'.