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Nintendo Power was a magazine dedicated to providing readers with various news and information on video games distributed on various Nintendo consoles or those released on their system from third party developers.

Various Dragon Quest titles released on Nintendo systems would be covered in the magazine as well as their tip sections providing answers to questions or informing players of some then unknown details.

Additionally, to prompt people into subscribing to the magazine, Nintendo Power offered free copies of Dragon Quest, as well as supplemental material to help players with the game itself.

Dragon Quest material in Nintendo Power[edit]

Volume 1[edit]

  • NES Journal: World News: Talks about the Japanese launch of Dragon Quest III, using the official title before the first game released outside of Japan and had its name changed to Dragon Warrior. This is the first time the Dragon Quest series is referenced by mainstream media outside of Japan.

Volume 10[edit]

  • Howard & Nester comic: The titular duo arrive at Tantegel. The latter attempts in vain to get the Sunstone.

Volume 21[edit]

Volume 26[edit]

Volume 27[edit]

Volume 34[edit]

  • Counselors' Corner!- Answers the following Dragon Warrior III questions:
    • "How do I find the Golden claw in the pyramid?"
    • "How do I build experience quickly?"
      • The response points out how possession of the Golden claw will increase monster encounters.
    • "How do I become a Sage?"

Volume 40[edit]

  • Counselors' Corner!- Answers the following Dragon Warrior III questions:
    • "Where can I build up my levels?"
      • The article responds by mentioning the area east of Kanave with some of the tougher monsters like Avengers.
    • "How do I buy items in the elf shop?"
    • "How do I get the New Town to grow?"
      • The response clarifies that the town's growth is triggered by defeating the Orochi and getting the Staff of Change.

Volume 43[edit]


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