Dragon Quest Swords Chapter 4

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Dragon Quest Swords Chapter 4 subtitled Torment contains the fourth level and associated plot of Dragon Quest Swords. In this chapter, Claymore joins the hero as a companion for the first time.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Chapter 4 begins with Claymore telling the hero of a recent appearance by a fishy monster in which some people were attacked. He states that it has been requested that he seek out and find the source of these disturbances. As a result, he takes the hero with him to Secace Seacove to investigate. After penetrating to the depths of the cave, the 2 find a Fishy Monster who is part man and part fish. The monster attacks them and they are able to prevail against it. After the monster's defeat, Fleurette arrives and identifies the monster as her brother Aruval. Fleurette is certain that the Rorrim Mask is the source of evil responsible for her brother's transformation. Together the group returns to Castle Avalonia intent on seeking out answers from Queen Curtana herself.

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