Edahs 'Sophix

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Edahs 'Sophix is a boss in Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors.

He is the final mirror boss and strongest enemy in the game. Edahs 'Sophix is a variation of the main storymode boss, Xiphos the Deathbringer.


In order to fight Edahs 'Sophix, the player must first defeat variations of the previous 3 mirror bosses; Nomegeon, Der Gib, and Valgirt Nedlog. After defeating all 3, the player fights Edahs 'Sopix. Edahs fighting style and mannerisms are extremely similar to those of Xiphos, only with increased speed and power. This includes the use of the Figure of Hate Master Stroke.

As with Xiphos final form, the battle against Edahs 'Sopix can be divided into 3 segments. The first segment is prior to Edahs smashing the stone platform ("Bring death to the deathbringer, if you dare!"). The second segment features the Figure of Hate attack and is ended when Edahs sword is destroyed. The final segment entails reflecting energy blasts back at Edahs 'Sopix.

Level rewards[edit]

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Other rewards[edit]


  • Like the rest of the bosses of the Mirror mode, his name is the inverse of another words, in this case it means Xiphos' Shade.