Dragon Quest Swords Chapter 6

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Dragon Quest Swords Chapter 6 subtitled Reflection contains the sixth level and associated plot of Dragon Quest Swords.


Warning: Spoilers!
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Chapter 6 begins with Queen Curtana explaining the true power of the Rorrim Mask and its ability to control and imprison Xiphos the Deathbringer. She informs the party of a way of entering the Mirror World which is where the mask originally was made. The hero and a companion then proceed to enter the Mirror World, eventually confronting Draug, a guardian who knows of the origins of the mask. After testing their strength in battle, Draug repairs the mask and returns it to the heroes that it may again be used against Xiphos. He also gives the hero the Rednusadner, which is a special sword capable of the Figure of Fate Master Stroke. Upon returning to Castle Avalonia, the hero visits Swordmaster Dao who teaches him about the capabilities of the Figure of Fate.

Meanwhile, Xiphos has raised his citadel from deep underground, along with a lake of lava surrounding it. The citadel is near Galantyne Glades and has caused some of the forest to become scorched in the process.

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